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This Seasons Big Gig Events Kick Off with Victory for Spirit Warrior

We love founding cool new venues to host Big Gig, and Tea & Tarts in downtown Bangor didn't disappoint for our October pitch-off! First up, Gerald Collins pitched his medical device to help solve Sedentary Death Syndrome, caused from too much sitting. Amanda Hatley then pitched She Summits Co., an adventure travel summer camp for young women ages 11-16 that's creating self confident memories through brave experiences in the outdoors! The third and final pitcher of the evening was Kim Slininger who pitched Spirit Warrior, an equine therapy program to help rehabilitate veterans suffering from PTSD. After some constructive feedback from our Big Wig judges, Heather Lux, Founder of True No

Maine Themed Gift Box wins Big Gig Finale

The season finale of Big Gig took place last Tuesday at the Bangor Arts Exchange in Downtown Bangor, and it was a fantastic end to the season! The night kicked off with three video pitches from Big Gig Jr., the 7th grade student finalists from Leonard Middle School who invented their own products! The Big Gig Final then started with Zachary Dalrymple pitching Genuine Standards, a system to track and verify the authenticity, origin, and harvesting techniques of Maine seafood. After that, Justin Hafner pitched Kinotek, a company that's creating a VR product to show muscle stimulation. The 3rd entrepreneur was Wendell Scott who pitched, software suite to manage compliance and stre

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