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And the Winner January's Big Gig....

Last Tuesday we hosted our second virtual Big Gig Pitch-Off of the season, and I think it was the best virtual one we've hosted yet!

The first entrepreneur of the night was, Veronica Stubbs of The Scone Goddess. The Scone Goddess creates premium scone mixes packed with fruits, nuts, and chocolate that can be baked in your home by adding just ONE ingredient! Our second entrepreneur was John Fuhrman of Bub 'n Mutha's. John has created a line of gourmet dry rubs with a "Maine attitude" & made with real Maine ingredients! Our third and final entrepreneur of the night was Stephanie Noyes of 360 Sleeves. She pitched us her battery-powered sleeve that warms the hands and forearms using proprietary technology.

During this pitch-off, we had three amazing business professionals judging the event and giving constructive feedback to the entrepreneurs. Our panel of judges included Jen Baroletti, an analyst with Eaton Peabody; Nate Wildes, Co-Founder of Flight Deck Brewing and Executive Director of Live and Work in Maine; and Chris Rudolph of Waterfront Concerts and Kanù, Old Town's new restaurant, nightclub, & rooftop patio.

While the judges deliberated, Jennifer Scism, Co-Founder of Good To-Go, entertained us with the story of how she went from working at and then owning one of New York’s top-rated restaurants to co-founding a Maine company producing delicious dehydrated meals perfect for camping & backpacking!

After the virtual audience and judges voted for their favorite entrepreneurs, Stephanie Noyes of 360 Sleeves was named the winner, received $500 sponsored by Bangor Savings Bank, and will move on to pitch in the Finale for $5,000! Thank you to our Bootstrapping Sponsors, Maine Technology Institute and Eaton Peabody, and other awesome sponsors, to our fantastic judges, and everyone that tuned in to watch!

Our next virtual pitch-off is on March 9th, so if you know anyone with a business idea or early-stage startup, please encourage them to apply by February 26th!


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