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Maine Themed Gift Box wins Big Gig Finale

The season finale of Big Gig took place last Tuesday at the Bangor Arts Exchange in Downtown Bangor, and it was a fantastic end to the season! The night kicked off with three video pitches from Big Gig Jr., the 7th grade student finalists from Leonard Middle School who invented their own products! The Big Gig Final then started with Zachary Dalrymple pitching Genuine Standards, a system to track and verify the authenticity, origin, and harvesting techniques of Maine seafood. After that, Justin Hafner pitched Kinotek, a company that's creating a VR product to show muscle stimulation. The 3rd entrepreneur was Wendell Scott who pitched, software suite to manage compliance and streamline daily tasks for home care providers!. The final pitcher of the evening was Daniel Finnemore of Box of Maine, a company that ships quintessentially 'Maine' products all around the world! The pitches were all fantastic, and each entrepreneur received feedback from our Big Wig judges, Jaclyn Fish, Meredith Maller, and Dewey Hasbrouck. The audience and the judges alike then voted for their favorite! Daniel Finnemore, our Wild Card Pitcher, was won the $5000 check courtesy of Bangor Savings Bank, and Zoe Yerxa with "The Sharp Shovel" won Big Gig Jr.! We were also lucky enough to have Todd Simcox,a weatherman and owner of Todd's Original Salsa, for Battledecks. He did a hilarious improv pitch from a PowerPoint presentation he'd never seen before! Thanks to all who attended, and we look forward to seeing you next season!

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