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Sold Out Crowd and Familiar Faces at February's Big Gig

During our third and final Big Gig before the finale on April 23rd, we got to listen to three fascinating companies while enjoying perfectly cooked chicken wings and delightful beer from the night's hosts, Geaghans Brothers Brewing Company Tasting Room. The brewery was packed, and there was a great energy in the room, which led to fun networking and excitement for the night's three pitches.

First up, Jeremy Boutot pitched Vigilance Software, which provides a software solution to help schools and businesses respond to emergency situations. Zachary Dalrymple, in his second time pitching at Big Gig, pitched Genuine Standards, a system to track and verify the authenticity, origin, and harvesting techniques of Maine seafood. The third and final pitcher of the evening was Haley Comeau who pitched Birds & Bones Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery, a private, boutique tattoo experience focused on watercolor tattoos. Our Big Wig judges, Andrew Geaghan, Owner and Brewer at Geaghan Brothers Brewing Company, Jamie Clark, Founder & CEO of Willie Wags, and Zack Richardson, Co-Owner of one of the Bangor Region's favorite sandwich shops, Harvest Moon Delis, provided some feedback to all the entrepreneurs on their pitch. Then, the audience and the judges voted for their favorite, and Zachary Dalrymple was crowned the winner! We were also lucky enough to have Deb Neuman, President of the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce, for Battledecks entrepreneurial challenge where a speaker is given a presentation they have never seen before and have to improvise a front of a crowd! Deb did a great pitch from what she had to work with; trust us, it is not easy!

Thanks to all who attended the third Big Gig at Geaghan Brothers Tasting Room! The season finale of Big Gig is on April 23rd, so mark your calendars and stay tuned for more updates!

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