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Electronic System for Residential & Community Care Providers Named Big Gig Winner!

We were lucky enough to head back to UMaine's Foster Center for Student Innovation for the second Big Gig of the year! We had an array of food options as well as complementary Orono Brewing Company craft beer to kick off the night. As always we had three entrepreneurs ready to 'pitch-it-out' for their shot at the $500 prize. Finally, following the success of our premier of BattleDecks, we scheduled another local celebrity to take on the challenge!

First up for the pitchers was Dennis Mullens and Brien Potter, and they pitched their company, Aerial Sports Marketing, a company that will take drone footage of your teenage soccer player during a game and then put it together in a highlight reel! Mike Sobol then pitched Debbit, which is a peer-to-peer payment solution for instant group purchase splitting. The third and final Big Gig pitcher of the evening was Wendell Scott with, which is an electronic records system for residential care and community service providers.

After some valuable feedback from our Big Wig judges, Paige Wilcox, owner of Wilcox Wellness & Fitness, Bill Tisdale, of Bill Tisdale - State Farm Insurance, and Paul Riechmann, owner of Stillwater Research for over 25 years and more recently, Tough End Music, gave the entrepreneurs their thoughts on the pitches. Then, the audience and the judges voted for their top choice, and Wendell Scott was crowned the Big Gig winner, receiving $500 and a shot at the $5,000 grand prize.

We were also lucky enough to have Don Cookson, a radio personality with WKIT 100.3 HD, as our Battledecks guest pitcher! Don was given a slideshow full of hilariously random pictures, and he was tasked with improvising an entire pitch for the crowd, which was not an easy job. Even though the slides were random, Don was consistently funny! If you haven't seen Battledecks live yet, make sure you stop by February 26th for the third and final Big Gig before the season finale in April!

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