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Zephyrus Simulation Wins Season Opener!

What a fantastic event this Tuesday at the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce in Downtown Bangor! We had three great pitches and an awesome "Big Rig" guest speaker who truly represents what it means to be an entrepreneur. First up, Brian Reilly pitched his product FreeFlow, a power bank that charges cell phones and itself wirelessly. Deanna Fahey then pitched cityLIFE nature kits, a nature-based alternative education program that's centered around hands-on learning. The third and final pitcher of the evening was Patrick Breeding who pitched Zephyrus Simulation, a company that has invented a medical simulator to mimic "belly" breathing, After some entertaining and constructive feedback from our Big Wig judges, Elena Metzger, Zeth Lundy, and Deb Neuman, the audience voted for their favorite, and Patrick Breeding was named the winner! We were also lucky enough to have Heather Furth, Co-Founder of Verve, Woodman's Bar & Grill, and Orono Brewing Company, who gave some great advice about what she's learned from being an entrepreneur. Thanks to all who attended, and we look forward to seeing you at our next pitch-off in December!

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