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GO Lab Wins Latest Pitch-Off!

Our last regular season pitch-off was last Tuesday at Husson's Dyke Center for Family Business, and it was one of the best Big Gig events I've ever attended!

Joshua Henry pitched his company GO Lab Inc., an R&D company that has created an eco-friendly, wood fiber, insulation board. Marie Emerson then pitched her idea for a nonprofit that would create a virtual museum to educate consumers about the importance of wild blueberry harvesting. The third and final pitcher of the evening was Mike Turcotte, an adjunct professor, who pitched Eco-Eraser, an eco-friendly, more convenient, whiteboard eraser.

After some constructive feedback from our Big Wig judges, Michael Aube, Hilary Clark, and Evan Richert, the audience voted for their favorite, and Josh Henry was named the winner! We were also lucky enough to have Sarah Smiley, syndicated columnist and author, who told us about her early days pitching her column to newspapers and all of the lessons she has learned since then. Overall, a very successful Big Gig!

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