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"House of Meeples" Crowned the Winner!

Another fantastic pitch-off took place on Tuesday evening with 50 people in attendance at Yama's Bar and Grill in Old Town. First off, Joseph Clark pitched his electronic keypad for shop-floor analytics, a device that would allow medium-sized companies track factory analytics in real time for an affordable price. Brian Ross then pitched his idea, Portions, which is a fresh ingredient meal kit store that makes cooking quick and easy. The third and final pitcher of the evening was Derek Porter, a board game enthusiast, who pitched his vision for a board game cafe located in Bangor. After some great feedback from our Big Wig judges, Jay Shields, Elizabeth Sutherland, and Jason Bolton, the audience voted for their favorite, and Derek Porter was crowned the winner! We were also fortunate enough to have Randy Wadleigh, CEO of Governor's Restaurants, speak about the lessons he's learned from running his family-owned business.

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