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Dylan Veilleux Wins $250 Prize with "The Tea Pillow"!

75 people gathered on Tuesday evening to network, eat yummy appetizers, sip delicious wine, and listen to two business pitches at Tiller & Rye in Brewer!

Kasey Smith pitched her company, Eternav, which brings together all the elements needed to assemble a funeral, with or without a funeral home. Dylan Veilleux pitched his business idea, The Tea Pillow, a head pillow that relieves and calms the mind using tea leaves.

After some great feedback from our Big Wig judges, Peter Geaghan, Bev Uhlenhake, & James Gallagher, the audience voted for their favorite, and Dylan Veilleux was crowned the winner in one of the tightest votes in Big Gig history! We were also lucky enough to have Susan MacKay, CEO of Cerahelix, speak about her experience running a membrane filtration start-up and respond to Q&A from the audience. Thanks to all attended, and see you next time at November's Big Gig!

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