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Big Gig Participants Well Represented among 26 Semifinalists Vying for $100,000 Prize in Greenlight

Of the 26 Greenlight semifinalists from the state of Maine, four previously had pitched at a Big Gig event and another four were Big Gig attendees who founded companies in Orono.

Of special note, one Greenlight semifinalist, Jessica Jewell, is Co-Founder and COO of Northern Maine Distilling Company and won the Grand Prize at the Big Gig 2013-2014 Finale.

Another Greenlight semifinalist, Emma Wilson, is President of Zeomatrix in Orono and pitched in the following year's Big Gig 2014-2015 Finale.

Illustrating the productive relationship between the University of Maine and entrepreneurial activity in our community, a full four of the Greenlight semifinalists have their companies located at UMaine's Target Technology Incubator: Emma Wilson of Zeomatrix; Chuck Carter, founder of Eagre Games and Big Gig pitcher during the 2013-2014 season; Susan MacKay, founder of Cerahelix; and Dan Kerluke, founder of Double Blue Sports Analytics.

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