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Finale a Success; Folks Network; Poissonnier Wins $1,500!

The Finale of Big Gig's 2015-2016 season was held April 13th at UMaine's Foster Center for Student Innovation. It was a fun, exciting event! Our guest Big Rig, Alex Gray (see below), presented some great tips on pitching and gave insightful responses to the audience questions about his Waterfront Concerts business.

The accompanying photo illustrates the primary goal of Big Gig: to create a local network of innovators and entrepreneurs. Shown prior to the Finale pitch-off, from left to right, are: Stephen Wong (Dad's Approval; December, 2015, pitch-off winner); Cathy Billings (Lobster Rx; October, 2015, winner); Salome Perez (Sal.Operations; December, 2015, runner-up); and Ethan Poissonnier (The Amp Lab; February, 2016, winner).

The vote counts from the audience for the three pitch-off finalists were very close, but Ethan Poissonnier walked away with the $1,500 prize check from University Credit Union!

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