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Big Rig Announced for April 13th Finale!

Alex Gray is a concert and music festival promoter well-known in New England for Bangor’s successful Waterfront Concert Series. He has brought an impressive series of nationally-renowned musical acts to Maine, with concerts in a variety of popular genres: country; rock & roll; adult contemporary. The Bangor Daily News reported that more than half of the large crowds at these concerts have been coming from outside our local region.

Alex created the Waterfront Series in 2010 after having previously established a working relationship with Live Nation New England. Before that, he owned the Ushuaia dance club in Orono and Russel’s entertainment complex in Bangor. In his career, he has hosted hundreds of concerts at nightclubs, halls, auditoriums, fair grounds, and public parks throughout Maine.

Born and raised in eastern Maine, Alex attended the University of Maine, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. Long before that, however, he had an entrepreneurial spirit and started several endeavors, most of which were connected to music, his long-time love and passion.

For his upcoming Big Rig presentation, Alex said he might point out how a good way to think about pitching a business idea is to compare it with going on a first date. Regardless, it should be interesting!

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