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Big Rig (Keynote Pitcher) Announced for Dec. 9th Big Gig!

Heidi Neal purchased the surviving, single-location Loyal Biscuit Co. in Rockland in January of 2010 and has since turned it into a thriving, four-location business, with locations in Rockland, Camden, Belfast and Waterville, Maine. In addition, she has added two other companies to support the mission of her retail business: Loyal Biscuit Tug ME Toy and Fidelis Biscuit Co.

Both of these additional companies contribute to the Loyal Biscuit mission of healthy treats and durable, locally made toys. The products are sold not only at the Loyal Biscuit but also in many pet and specialty stores throughout the country.

Loyal Biscuit has been named the 2015 Best Pet Supply Store in the country by Pet Business Monthly. In addition, Heidi was recently named the Maine Small Business Person of the Year for 2015.

Heidi is a born-and-raised resident of Rockland and a graduate of Thomas College in Waterville. She is also a recent graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program at Babson College. Heidi resides in Rockland with her husband Joel, their three dogs and two cats.

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