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Keynote Pitcher ("Big Rig") to be Featured at Oct. Big Gig!

Dr. O’Brien’s 25 years as a surgeon/inventor serves as the foundation for his medical products, several of which currently are being marketed in North America and Europe.

Since founding O’Brien Medical, LLC, he has divided his time between running a podiatry practice and developing medical products. He has successfully licensed six surgical products and holds six issued patents.

In addition to several articles in peer-reviewed medical journals, his writing credits include a chapter in a surgical text and a book on entrepreneurship for inventors. He also is a 2012 graduate of the Top Gun entrepreneurship acceleration program.

We are pleased that this Orono resident will be giving those of us attending the Big Gig an example of a concise pitch for one of his entrepreneurial endeavors, followed by a brief discussion of how he developed the pitch to be effective. (More Big Rig details here.)

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