What is Big Gig?

Big Gig is a pitch competition that allows for local innovators and entrepreneurs to create a supportive network and to bring positive change and economic growth to our communities.


Big Gig is a FREE bi-monthly pitch-off event between three innovators/entrepreneurs competing for a cash prize. The events are held at different neat local venues, offering folks the chance to network, drink, in a community of supportive innovators and entrepreneurs.

What happens at Big Gig?

​At each Big Gig event, you can expect to join a community of innovators, entrepreneurs, funders, all in pursuit of making innovative ideas a reality. All events offer free admission.

Following the initial half-hour or so of networking, drinking, and noshing, there is a pitch-off between three contestants, each of whom hopes to hone their 5-minute presentation, get helpful feedback and publicity for their idea

What is the Pitching Process?


Judges, consists of a panel of three local "Big Wigs" who give feedback to each pitch-off participant and has a partial say in who wins, along with voting by the audience


Pitchers deliver a pitch (no longer than 5 minutes and no handouts or PowerPoint slides) and receive constructive feedback from our friendly panel of three local Big Wigs.


Regardless of who wins, all participants get lots of publicity for their amazing idea – plus the opportunity to network with other innovators, entrepreneurs, funders, service providers, and government officials.


The winner of the evening also walks away with a CASH prize of $500, plus a chance to compete at the Big Gig Finale for the $5000 grand prize. 

* In order to pitch at a Big Gig, anyone interested must submit an application ahead of time and participate in the Little Gig, which is held in Orono the week prior to the Big Gig

  Contact us at info@biggig.org

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